The smart and future-oriented augmented reality furnishing app "TRVL LOVR" simplifies the decorating of and with photographs as murals using the latest and most modern augmented reality technology (AR for short).
This means that your selected photograph plus the desired format will be projected onto your favorite wall. This makes it easier to determine whether the respective motif finds its place in the room in every respect (format & colors).

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As the world's first online shop for a photographer, the TRVL LOVR online shop offers you the opportunity to get the unique photographs in advance before you actually have them hanging with you.

"Thanks to the latest augmented reality technology, you can already experience the innovative furnishing experience of tomorrow at home today."
- Founder Olli Mueller -

Strange years are already behind us. The last few months have forced us to stay at home more and more. The specialist shops are partly open, partly closed. Many people therefore start renovating their homes, cleaning them out or redesigning them with creative photographs.
The TRVL LOVR app supports both the "Stay@Home" and "Home Office" measures and makes innovative furnishing look child's play, not only in times of Corona.

The app is currently on its last legs and will be available to you shortly.

Until then, I recommend that you watch the two video clips. Right down here.

  • Step 1

    Select your favorite photograph including its dimensions, confirm it and then click on "3D view".

  • step 2

    Hold your smartphone or tablet about 5 - 10 cm close to the wall where your chosen one should hang in the future.

    After about 5 seconds, many yellow dots appear, the "scanning points", and a grid with which the wall is scanned.
    Go back two or three steps with your mobile device and you will see that the "scan points" increase and the grid enlarges.

    No woodchip wallpaper?
    Alternatively, I recommend that you stick normal squared paper from a school pad to the desired location or download the TRVL LOVR squared paper for free right here below.

    Download squared paper 
  • step 3

    To activate your photography, click on the grid and your selected motif and original format will appear.
    With the arrow keys you can now position the mural perfectly, you literally "turn in circles" the photograph stays exactly where it was placed.

    Can more than one motif be represented in this way?
    Yes! This process is possible with up to 5 photographs at the same time. Simply click on the button placed below and in the middle to select additional photographs.

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The story behind the



A bare white wall should be pimped up, preferably with an original photograph. A folding rule and a pencil are the two components when it comes to such a new wall decoration. The folding rule is placed on the wall - once horizontally, once vertically. The dimensions are then noted on a piece of paper, this is inserted and off we go to the picture department of the nearest furniture store. A motif that looks chic at first glance is bought, hung up at home and viewed with skepticism. Because neither the dimensions nor the colors of the motif fit perfectly into the other furniture. With a heavy heart, the motif has to be returned and the associated next CO2 emissions are unavoidable. A nuisance for everyone. But not anymore from now on.


No photographer or photo dealer is currently making this online shop feature available to their customers. That is to say, before buying a new photograph, it is not uncommon for one to reach for a ruler, measure the wall and then select what is supposed to be the correct image format from the manufacturer, who only offers their own preview.
Once the photograph has arrived, one has to realize that the dimensions and/or the colors do not match the rest of the furniture. But often you have already invested a lot of time, drove to different photo shops for advice, released enough CO2 into the environment or paid a lot of money for the production of the picture, so that you finally hang up the suboptimal photo.


The TRVL LOVR app does the work for you and allows for a time-saving setup with world-class photography from around the world. The app is very easy to use and serves as a great decision-making aid. The preview image can then be shared with friends, for example via social media.
True to the motto: "The ordinary made extraordinary."


Extensive savings in time and work when selecting the photographs, individual design of the premises, avoidance of contacts and visits to specialist shops during the current pandemic and finally no more bad buys with 'on demand' orders.


Both private customers (families, flat shares, single and couple households) and business customers (home stagers, medical practices, law firms, hotels, restaurants, furniture stores, etc.) can use the app perfectly for themselves.



  • Exclusive access to the beta version to try it yourself

    Are you a photographer or painter with your own online shop and would you like to equip your motifs with the integrated augmented reality online shop function shown here or test them first?

    You're welcome!

    So feel free to contact me via email at or arrange a free initial consultation right away.

    I'm looking forward to your message.

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  • B2B | more satisfied customers + more joy = more sales!

    Your smart look into the future of furnishing

    Would you like to make it easier for your customers to set up with your wall decoration?
    Would you like to take your wall decoration range to a new, smart and unprecedented level?
    Would you like to avoid returns in the future?
    Would you like to have this innovative online shop feature ("Made in Germany") programmed for your business?

    You're welcome!

    In close cooperation with a German IT agency, we design an augmented reality online shop app tailored to your business, which is perfectly tailored to your wall decoration range.

    Get started today with the latest and most modern augmented reality technology for wall decoration articles and arrange a free initial consultation now .

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  • become an inventor

    From a long-term and future-oriented point of view, people will increasingly use their smartphone or tablet to set up their home. Murals or wall decorations are a big part of this.

    Become part of my revolutionary interior design story.

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