Things worth knowing about the TRVL LOVR online shop

Discover the innovative, smart and modern online shop “TRVL LOVR”!

Here you will find unique and distinctive wall pictures, home accessories and stylish clothes with unique prints.

The incredible variety of products never ceases to amaze customers. The focus here is on exceptional products that were developed with heart and passion.

Owner, creative service provider and visionary Olli Mueller , is full of enthusiasm and strives to always offer his customers the best product.

A unique selection of first-hand photographs awaits you in the TRVL LOVR online shop. Every mural and every piece of clothing is carefully selected and made “on demand” to guarantee you the best possible quality.

Secure an appointment at the “ TL Club House ” in Hanover today and see for yourself the fascination of our products and become part of the TRVL LOVR community!

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The history

The TRVL LOVR online shop has been officially online since August 2022 and is the successor to Olli Mueller's former online shop "OFFICIAL POMP STORE". The main company is the company 'OLLI MUELLER PHOTOGRAPHY eK', which has existed since the beginning of 2015. With the beginning of this foundation, the ideas and thoughts to finally run our own online shop matured. Almost four years later, in the summer of 2019, the aforementioned "OFFICIAL POMP STORE" went online. In the late summer of 2019, the then and current showroom was officially inaugurated as part of a newspaper event. In October 2020, the programming of the innovative, smart and future-oriented 'TRVL LOVR' app (formerly "POMP STORE") began, which went online around 2 months later. In spring 2022, founder and owner Olli Mueller decided to give his online shop a new, visually better, more appealing and more professional appearance.

The name

From an early age, Olli Mueller has been a personality who loves to travel. In the beginning, the summer holidays with the grandparents were fully savored, in primary school overnight stays were added to various campsites and European Mediterranean islands. When I was a teenager, I went on a “long” journey alone for the first time – to Malta or southern England. In my early 20s, the northwestern part of the USA followed (Seattle, Vancouver). In the spring of 2018, Olli was hired by a German shipping company based in Rostock for a total of 11 months. The Caribbean dream sandy beach, the underestimated Azores, the popular Canary Islands and Mediterranean ports such as Ajaccio (Corsica), Barcelona (Spain) or Livorno (Italy) became part of his (adventure) journey on the high seas. To this day, Olli loves to travel. It doesn't matter whether it's across his home country or one or the other European country, his camera and 24 - 70 mm lens, which meanwhile show his hardship, is his faithful companion. This short excerpt from the previous destinations ultimately resulted in the shop name "TRVL LOVR" (pronounced: "Travel Lover") and underlines what kind of guy Olli is - a real TRVL LOVR.

The logo

The so-called 'TRVLLOVREagle' was logo or Animal symbol, as this flying animal species combines everything that makes the TRVLLOVR online shop and its founder so unique:

Strength, focus, intelligence, observant and always ready when it matters most.

In addition, the "bald eagle" is the favorite animal of photographer and founder Olli Mueller.

Timeline (since 2022)

Aug 2022
Launch / Release "TRVL LOVR Online Shop"

October 2022
First trade fair appearance at the "Domizil" in Husum

November 2022
Cooperation with 11Freunde Online Shop

Stay tuned!

The vision

As a young, modern and future-oriented photography e-commerce start-up, the stated ambition is:

"To let the classic shopping spree for a new photograph on the wall with the support of the most innovative and trivial technology take place immediately and everywhere." , says owner and founder Olli Mueller.

Together with a professional team of IT specialists, work is being done every day to simplify the smart setup experience on the end customer's smart end devices (phones and tablets).

Owner, photographer and source of ideas Olli Mueller is of the opinion that, in the future and in the long term, everyone should set themselves up quickly and easily.

Olli wants to support people in expressing their personality through extraordinary photographs. In the TRVL LOVR online shop, he would like to encourage people to be inspired by the variety of different photographs and to get to know the latest and smartest furnishing methods of tomorrow today.

  • Made in Germany

    With "Made in Germany", the entire TRVL LOVR online shop promises to produce all its photography products in Germany and have them delivered from Germany.

  • sustainability

    For the love of the environment and in order to save as many resources as possible, all photography products are made exclusively on request in close cooperation with renowned production partners, so that the ecological footprint is taken into account with every order and only what was consciously ordered is sent

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