How exactly is the shop name pronounced?

• "TRVL LOVR" is short for "Travel Lover".

Who is the face behind the TRVL LOVR Online Shop?

• This is the Hanoverian photographer Olli Mueller. You can find more information about the owner, founder and visionary right here .

What does the TRVL LOVR Online Shop stand for?

• Wanderlust, professional photography, distinctive photography, atypical photography, wanderlust, innovation and creativity

Which products can I find here in the TRVL LOVR online shop?

• Photographs behind 2mm thin acrylic glass and a (format dependent) surrounding aluminum rail

• Photographs perfect z. B. for the bathroom, high-quality print on the special coating on a 1mm thin aluminum plate

• Photographs on real vintage wood (with European history of origin) and with an original "frame"

• In the external on-demand online shop there are clothes with photographic prints, self-created designs, logo and slogan prints

Why is the 105 x 70 cm format more expensive than the 120 x 80 cm format?

Due to the unusual format of 105 x 70 cm, the production costs here are higher than with the much larger 120 x 80 cm format.

How do I hang my photograph?

Safe, easy and instant - Each photograph is fitted with an aluminum rail on the back. The smallest format (60 x 40 cm) has a so-called two-piece aluminum rail on the back, with larger formats a circumferential aluminum rail.

What do the backs of the types "behind acrylic glass" and "waterproof" look like?

You can find a good view of the backs/hangings in a separate PDF document, right here .

Can I pass on my purchased TRVL LOVR voucher?

Yes. Although it is a personalized voucher, who redeems it at the end is irrelevant and has no effect on the purchase or anything similar.
According to § 807 BGB, a voucher is a so-called "small bearer document". This means that anyone who holds the voucher in their hands is entitled to assert it and can redeem the voucher. ( source )

Can I exchange/refund a purchased TRVL LOVR voucher?

After purchasing a TRVL LOVR voucher, you have a 14-day right of return without giving a reason and, of course, you will be refunded the voucher amount you have paid. Please contact customer service for this.
An exchange is also possible.
You will be refunded the value of the voucher that was first paid and, as already known, you can order the new TRVL LOVR voucher.

How can I redeem the TRVL LOVR voucher?

Select one or more photographs in the shop and put them in your shopping cart. During the ordering process you can enter your voucher code in the field provided. By clicking on "Redeem" the equivalent value will be deducted from the total price.


What makes the TRVL LOVR Online Shop so special?

As the world's first online shop for a photographer, the TRVL LOVR online shop offers you the opportunity to get the unique photographs in advance before you actually have them hanging with you.

"Thanks to the latest augmented reality technology, you can experience the innovative furnishing experience of tomorrow at home today."
- Olli Mueller, owner and photographer -

Strange years are already behind us. The last few months have forced us to stay at home more and more. The specialist shops are partly open, partly closed. Many people therefore start renovating their homes, cleaning them out or redesigning them with creative photographs.
The TRVL LOVR app supports both the "Stay@Home" and "Home Office" measures and makes innovative furnishing look child's play, not only in times of Corona.

What exactly is the TRVL LOVR app?

With the innovative TRVL LOVR app it is now possible to bring photography with the latest augmented reality to your home before you buy it.

How exactly does the TRVL LOVR app work?

You can find a "step-by-step" guide right here .

Will my camera view be recorded?

no Clearly.
The app download is the basis for enabling the augmented reality experience "smart setup". Therefore, camera access is necessary.


What happens to my personal data after my order?

As soon as you have sent your order, your delivery address including first and last name and telephone number will be forwarded to the producer.

Why is my phone number forwarded?

Since you order everything "on demand" here in the TRVL LOVR online shop, i.e. on request, the responsible producer or shipping service provider needs your telephone number to ensure optimal and personal delivery. Also because picking it up at a ParcelShop can be quite cumbersome for you. Hence the kind tip STAY@HOME!

What personal data is stored in the TRVL LOVR online shop database after my order?

After your successful order and the transfer of your delivery address, your first and last name including your telephone number, only your gender, your specified delivery location and, if applicable, your e-mail address will be saved for marketing research reasons.

Can I still correct my delivery address after ordering?

Once an order has been completed, we can no longer redirect it to a different address.
If it is unavoidable, please notify me in the customer service area and we will find a solution.

How can I be sure that I placed my order correctly?

After you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email including the order number and your selected billing and delivery address.

Where can I receive my order?

Ideally, in person at the address provided. If necessary, your order can also be delivered to the UPS Access Points or Deutsche Post branches.

Can I subsequently remove items from my order?

No, once the order has been confirmed, unfortunately no items can be removed.

What happens if my photography arrives damaged?

If the photograph arrives damaged, please send me an e-mail to with the subject " Photograph complaint " and a clearly recognizable photo as proof. I will contact you and you will receive an adequate replacement. Please do not dispose of the existing photograph until you have received the new photograph .

Can I return the photograph(s) I ordered?

Yes, free return shipping is possible, but must be organized independently.
It is recommended that you keep the box that came with it. When sending, please make sure that the special package is well sealed and padded so that it will not be damaged in transit.
For inquiries please contact TRVL LOVR Customer Service .

What happens to the returned photograph(s)?

The returned photograph(s) will be collected in the TRVL LOVR archive.
A leasing variant with all the murals in the archive is planned.


How do I get the invoice for my order?

When your package has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email, which will also include a link to download your invoice.

Why has my payment been rejected?

Your payment could have been declined for one of the following reasons:

1. The card may have expired. Please check if your card is still valid.

2. You may have maxed out your credit limit. Contact your bank and check if you are still within the allowed credit limit.

3. You may have entered some of your information incorrectly. Check that you have filled out all required fields correctly.

If none of the three reasons above apply, please contact your bank.

How secure is my online payment here?

Your online order is secured by modern SSL encryption. We thus meet the modern standards for online purchases and always guarantee you the most secure payment transactions.


Is shipping in Germany free?

Yes. And it stays that way forever.

Are orders abroad also free of shipping costs?

no For orders abroad, a fixed shipping amount is also due.
Additional charges such as taxes & duties must be borne by the customers themselves.
Learn more about shipping information .

How long do I have to wait for my order to arrive?

The entire TRVL LOVR online shop works exclusively " on-demand ". This means that each individual item is produced exclusively and only for you , so the delivery time can be a maximum of 14 days. The delivery time also depends on the size of the order.
Thank you for your understanding, also on behalf of the environment.

Status: June 2022

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