@Ajaccio, Korsika, Frankreich

@Ajaccio, Corsica, France

- 07/27/2018 -

Towards the end of my time as an on-board photographer for a German shipping company, I reviewed the past and smiled. Although I've been to some places, like Barcelona, ​​Palma or Ajaccio, once a week for the last four months, my path has never led me to the same places. No matter where the ship stopped, I either borrowed a scooter or a bicycle and explored the town and landscape on my own. If I thought I saw a cool photo motif, I just stopped. I docked at France's Mediterranean island of Corsica and its port and capital Ajaccio a good 20 times. After the morning shift was done, I went to my, now trusted, scooter rental company with my camera slung over my shoulder and drove around the island with those scooters. When I first went to AC Ajaccio's stadium, the Stade François-Coty, the rain god meant it too well with nature. It poured non-stop. Dressed only in a T-shirt and shorts, I looked here and there for a covered waiting area. In some places, cats were my fellow waiters. Arrived at the stadium the rain stopped for a short time. Unfortunately, once I got off the scooter, I couldn't walk all the way around, let alone take a proper look inside. Nevertheless, as they say in the football gagon, I tried to take photos that also somewhat represent the country of France and photographed amusing football stickers.

More photos and more facts about the location, right here .

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