@Barcelona, Spanien

@Barcelona, ​​Spain

- 08/18/2018 -

As an on-board photographer for a German shipping company, you might think you can choose your own excursions. I had the luck of the efficient, probably the annoying one, and was finally allowed to board the bus towards Camp Nou. So close to the Mecca of football. Together with the passengers and a guide, the tour began in the FC Barcelona club museum. Past a seemingly endless trophy glass display case, original founding documents, all the jerseys of Lionel Messi or Ronaldinho, we find ourselves in the players' tunnel with fan chants and finally on the ground of the Camp Nou. A true 'Wow' and 'Krass' can be heard quietly from me and everyone present in the wide circle. A sold-out stadium, fan shouts, an "overly sick" choreography from the fans, applause, cheers - every soccer player and soccer fan dreams of this moment when they walk out of the players' wing into the stadium. Looking left to right and taking deep breaths, I kneel down and my hand gently caresses the tips of the 'sacred lawn', I get goosebumps. After taking souvenir photos, our tour continues and we end up at the press seats. If you look from there in the direction of the playing field, the playing field looks like a small field. Visually, the last tier of the opposite grandstand is covered by the roof directly above us. One last eye sweat and the tour is over.

More photos and more facts about the location, right here .

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