@Fort de France, Martinique, Karibik

@Fort de France, Martinique, Caribbean

- 04/20/2018 -

If the place 'Caribbean' becomes a topic while eating with friends, the first and most frequently mentioned terms are endless beaches, palm-lined promenades, Caribbean joie de vivre, drinking coconut milk and pure relaxation. The American Mediterranean is also notorious for its almost never-ending summer and even serves as an award-winning film set (Pirates of the Caribbean). With my camera slung over my shoulder, I pass small stalls with homemade jewelry for young and old, cross small alleys and walk past typical tropical and colorful houses. At the end of the road I look for a taxi. A taxi driver is leaning on his hood, he notices me. 'Bonjour Messieurs. Bienvenue a Fort de France.' a man of about 60 greets me. 'Merci Messieurs.' I replied kindly. 'To the stadium, please.' I said to him in English. 'To the Stade Pierre Aliker you mean? Clear.'. Less than 10 minutes later and I was standing in front of the northern entrance to the Stade Pierre-Aliker. I looked in vain for access to the inside of the stadium. The taxi driver was kind enough to wait for me, which suited me very well, because everyone on the islands knows each other. He saw someone coming out of the stadium, spoke to them and then gave me the sign that I could go in for a moment. 'Merci Messieurs.' I thanked him. I looked around excited and happy. But I wasn't allowed to go further than the goal net. On the way back, the taxi driver told me that I was the first tourist who wanted to be chauffeured to the stadium voluntarily. Who knows, maybe I'll come back sometime, e.g. B. when the French national team plays here again.

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