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  • The story of the motif "I love Berlin"

    "I think that graffiti can be good for young people because they can develop their creativity. Graffiti is very often a true work of art! It is very rare to hear a positive opinion about graffiti in cities. That makes me happy because I graffiti totally cool, exciting, interesting and incredibly creative. Because when I travel the world and criss-cross the streets of the metropolis, I look around with a 360 degree view. Sometimes I go where it's actually not allowed . Precisely to capture graffiti that will sooner or later no longer exist, since these buildings are usually demolished and thus the creative work of numerous artists is lost forever. That's what happened to my "I love Berlin" motif: Stralauer Allee 13 in Berlin-Friedrichshain is the new address of a new office and residential complex, directly on the Spree at Berlin's Osthafen.Nice location, but no longer for hobby artists or the like he sprayer of the scene. It is then also clear that with this motif you will proudly and rightly wear a large piece of the Berlin graffiti scene.

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  • The story behind the motif "TRVL LOVR Sunset"

    Summer vacation 2009, I went with my parents to the Canary Islands for the first time, more precisely to Maspalomas, in the south-west of Gran Canaria. Almost 10 years later I'm back on this island, but this time for work. AIDA called me, they still need a photographer for 1 month. With a paid flight-transfer-hotel package, we headed towards the island's capital, Las Palmas. Around 6 p.m. local time, I decided to go out with a crew member to enjoy the free time again. We were drawn to Playa Las Canteras and there we met the beautiful mountain landscape of Spain's most beautiful Canary Island. Around half past five it was time and the sun gradually said goodbye for the day. As photo-crazy and prepared as I am, I was able to capture many beautiful and romantic moments with and without people before and afterwards. With the "TRVL LOVR Sunset" motif you not only bring a piece of holiday feeling home with you, but also carry a lot of blood, sweat, tears and pure conviction in terms of photography with you.

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  • The story of the motif "Football"

    In the late summer of 2016 I wanted to get out of Berlin for a while and into the countryside. black forest? Too far. Resin? Also. Alps? nope I looked for and found, surprisingly for me, Saxon Switzerland. 3 hours drive? Deal! I was already in beautiful Bad Schandau. It's actually a pity that I drove by car, because you could enjoy this fantastic panorama even more by train. So be it. Changed briefly in the hotel room, backpack, camera, tripod, power bank and local maps sorted, then off we went. Actually, you should never go alone in such a large mountain range, but nobody else was interested in going at the time. That's how it went for me for the next 3 days, from morning to night, up and down. Travel bloggers would say: "I've never seen such a beautiful natural spectacle, you have to come here! No shit, folks!". Well, what else can I add to that. In addition to the unofficial 'capital' of Bad Schandau, a small community called Ostrau also borders the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. At the north-eastern entrance sign there is a farm with a completely normal playground including soccer goals. So what? Well, that's every amateur soccer player's dream. Soccer goals with real nets, on real natural grass instead of metal poles and on an asphalt floor. A true, genuine and one-of-a-kind "FOOTBALL" design for fans by a fan.

    Side note: This photo was photo of the day in the Berlin window 2016.

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TRVL LOVR - Owner Olli Mueller is a fan of the American Pie film series.

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